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KED Technology is an Automation, Engineering and Design Solutions Company.

We provide a full array of basic & detailed design, engineering and controls implementation solutions within diverse industry domains.

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  • Automation Maintenance

    Automation Maintenance

    Automation and control systems that make a building efficient need regular monitoring and maintenance. Innovative and thoughtful plan of maintenance will result into increased efficiency and optimal utility of a building.

  • Building Automation

    Building Automation

    Automation has become an integral part of sustainable living and making our buildings more energy efficient. From Smart Meters, HVAC Controls, Lighting Controls to complete Building Mangement Systems are vital to make buildings ready for the future.

  • Industrial Automation

    Industrial Automation

    We offer PLC based automation which helps extending principle functions of sequential/position control, timed counting and input/output control that are widely applied to the field of industrial automation control.

  • Process Engineering

    Process Engineering

    Engineering solutions can be packaged as remote engineering to improve direct cost expenditures. Local team captures your business needs and coordinates with remote engineering team to provide a solution in a cost-effective manner.

  • Pressure Relief and Flare Design

    Pressure Relief and Flare Design

    Pressure relief and effluent handling systems are the last lines of defence against equipment overpressure and the subsequent consequences of loss of containment. Relief Systems are also important for workers' safety.

  • Piping Design

    Piping Design

    Conceptual plot plan for the project starts with the piping design activities. Plot plan layout of major equipment items, interconnecting pipe racks, flares, storage tanks and utility units are defined under basic engineering.

  • Engineering Drafting

    Engineering Drafting

    Accurate drafting is the first step towards the successful completion of any engineering project. It is also an essential tool of communication. This makes good, high-quality drafting by a committed, experienced and agile team, a must for every project.

  • Products


    Any project can not be completed without the high quality products, parts and post-delivery support, be it AC Motor Drives, Telecom Power Systems, OR Embedded Power Supplies, Industrial Power Supplies, Medical Power Supplies.